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PVC Clean Shed in Albania

PVC Clean Shed in Albania


Industry: ISO7 Clean Booth


Year of execution: 2018

Customers provide clean room drawings, want to make a local purification clean room for pharmaceutical production, the size is 7840 * 2040 * 2600 mm, the product is mainly used for drug packaging, so the cleanliness level is iso7. Because the products are placed in the existing factory, and the original factory has the air temperature and humidity treatment, so the clean shed only needs to maintain the cleanliness level requirements.


Since customers want to install by themselves, we propose a simple installation design for the structural design. We design the splicing structure on this basis, and mark the corresponding number to ensure that the customer can immediately identify the installation when receiving the goods, and we will shoot the corresponding installation video to ensure that the customer can install and install correctly.

We prepare all the materials, and then transport them to the customer's factory by sea. The customer will complete the installation 5 days after passing our documents. Then the customer will arrange a third-party inspection agency to carry out the inspection. After the inspect the dust particle number and air change frequency, we can confirm that meet the target cleanliness level.

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