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Cleanroom Project In Spain

Cleanroom Project In Spain



Industry :Pharmaceutical Industry

Location : Spain

Project SQM : 300 square meters

Year of Execution :2021



The Spanish project is now complete. Customers have been moving production equipment into the clean room for commissioning. In retrospect, the unremitting efforts of the engineers of Suzhou Pharma and the active cooperation of the customer made the project complete so smoothly.

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Due to the instability of the current epidemic, it is not easy for engineers to go abroad, so we recommended a reasonable plan to the customer, and the cooperation was very smooth. Let's review the installation :

Before the start of the project, as usual, we introduced the installation tools required for the clean room to the customer, as well as the function and usage of each part of the accessories. After the guidance of our engineers, the customer gradually recognized the name of each part of the product. The client's engineers produced a rough outline of the clean room in just three days. According to our installation drawings and videos, the engineers installed very smoothly; we communicate installation tips online every day make sure the customer installs as soon as possible.


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