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What is a pass box?

Pass box(transfer window, pass through box) is a kind of auxiliary equipment in a clean room, which is mainly used for the transfer of cleanroom items between clean area and clean area, or between clean area and unclean area.In order to reduce the opening frequency of cleanroom and reduce the pollution to the minimum level. 

The types of pass box are divided into three categories: static pass box, dynamic pass box, VHP pass boxClean room pass box can be made of stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, internal SS316 external SS304, and cold rolled steel sheet. The door have electronic interlock door and mechanical interlock door. Suzhou Pharma will design pass box according customer requirements, such as single door pass box, double door pass box. The dimension can be customize as the clean room request. It is widely used in micro science and technology, biological laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, food processing industry, LCD, electronics factories, etc

The typical design and operation of a pass box include:

  1. Design: A pass box consists of two interlocking doors – one on each side, each leading into a different room or area with varying levels of cleanliness. The box itself is made from stainless steel or other non-shedding, easy-to-clean materials and often includes HEPA filters for air circulation and decontamination.

  2. Transfer Procedure: To transfer items, personnel place them in the pass box through the door on their side. After closing that door, the opposite door can be opened to retrieve the items from the other side. This sequential door mechanism ensures that there is no direct airflow between the rooms while the transfer takes place.

  3. Sterilization Features: Some pass boxes are equipped with UV light sterilizers or HEPA filtered air jets that sanitize the contents before the second door opens. Others may have automatic dispensers for disinfectants to clean the surface of transferred items.

  4. Control Systems: Advanced pass boxes may have electronic controls, including touchless sensors, alarms, and automatic interlocks that ensure proper use and prevent both doors from being open at the same time.

  5. Documentation: The process of material transfer through the pass box may need to be recorded for compliance purposes in industries like pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

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