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Extraction Machinery

Extraction Machinery:

In the pharmaceutical field, we often encounter the need to extract the roots, leaves, seeds, or other organic substances of plants, separate the essence components from these raw materials, and further purify and concentrate them to obtain these effective components for pharmaceutical or health care products and food. Many effective ingredients of essence cannot be extracted by high temperature, such as high temperature water extraction, because these effective ingredients are heat sensitive substances, which will undergo chemical reaction or decompose into other chemical components after encountering high temperature.

Compared with distillation and extrusion, this extraction method is relatively expensive, because its process is complex and the output of extracted essential oil is relatively small. The solvent extraction method is mostly used in the extraction of delicate and fragile plant petals or resins that do not like heat sources.

The first is to extract volatile and non-volatile essence components of plants after crushing with carbohydrate solvents such as petroleum or benzene. Then, the extracted mixture is filtered with solvent again, and a semi-solid waxy substance containing alcohol is produced after the solvent volatilizes. Finally, high quality and high concentration plant essential oils can be obtained by selectively extracting the components of essential oils from waxy substances with alcohol. Therefore, for the same plant parts, the components of essential oils obtained by solvent extraction will be somewhat different, of course, their prices will also be different.

The flowers, petals, flower buds and other parts of plants are extracted by solvent extraction. The product after the first extraction is called "concrete". If the natural exudates of plants, such as gum, resin or tree paste, are extracted, the first product is called "resin". After the first product "resin" or "curd" is extracted with alcohol or alcohol again, the final product of the second stage is called absolute oil. Finally, the oil in the balm is washed off with volatile pure alcohol to obtain refined and expensive absolute oil.

Usually, we use low-temperature solvent extraction. For example, we use alcohol to extract herbs and industrial marijuana at minus 40 degrees Celsius, and then get the primary mixed crude oil, so that the thermal sensitive components can be preserved. Moreover, many plant resins and other components will be frozen at a low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, thus achieving the primary separation and impurity removal effect. Later, distillation equipment will be used to further separate, purify and concentrate the extract.

Carbon dioxide supercritical extraction equipment is also a low-temperature extraction method, which can also ensure that heat sensitive components are not damaged.

In the supercritical state, the supercritical carbon dioxide is contacted with the substance to be separated to selectively extract the components with different polarity, boiling point and molecular weight. Of course, the extract obtained corresponding to each pressure range cannot be single, but the conditions can be controlled to obtain the best proportion of mixed components, and then the supercritical fluid can be changed into ordinary gas by means of decompression and heating, and the extracted substances can be completely or basically precipitated, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and purification. Therefore, the supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction process is a combination of extraction and separation.


Supercritical co2 extraction is an Extraction method of non-pollution,undamage.
It can reserve natural composition. It will not intermix chemical composition.
The extracted components are relatively single and high in purity.
It is  used food,medicine,chemical,experimental study,Large industrial production.
Although the investment is high, the quality of the product is good and  return is  high.
For example,coffee bean,flower ,tea,tobacco ,Neem,pepper,Fruit , vegetable herbs.
Our machine working system is a closed loop extraction,Most of the co2 can Recycle.
We can meet the customer's customizing requirements and manufacture special models.

1.This system is multi-function SCFE equipment, the working mode is intermittent or continuous way to extract solvent from solid or liquid material, the additive can be add to the supercritical fluid.

2. The system has two extractors and two separators.

3. The highest working pressure of solid extractor is 50Mpa, the highest working temperature is 85℃.

4. The design of pressure vessels according the related national standard and rule demand and with over pressure protection system which means enough safety valves.

5. The whole equipment beauty, safety and easy operation, pressure temperature flow number can be showed from pressure meter and digital instrument. The material of pipe parts, valves, pipe lines, are all stainless steel(1Cr18Ni9Ti).

6. Using two extraction kettles to improve the efficiency of replacing raw materials and save carbon dioxide consumption.


We accept customers' customized process requirements, and can specially produce corresponding equipment for customers, or design special process flow and equipment for customers according to extraction requirements. At the same time, we can also carry out some sample extraction experiments for customers to save more time for customers. We can provide a complete set of extraction equipment, as well as supporting clean room projects. We have a lot of experience and cases in turnkey engineering, and can provide you with satisfactory service and high-quality equipment

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