ISO5-ISO8 Cleanroom


Clean room (also known as cleanroom): A room with a controlled concentration of airborne particles.

SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY has kinds of clean room: iso5 cleanroom, iso 6 cleanroom, iso 8 cleanroom,iso7 cleanroom.Its construction and usage should reduce indoor inducement and generation of retained particles.

Other relevant indoor parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. are controlled as required. It should be pointed out that the clean room can not completely eliminate the pollution, but control it at an acceptable level.

As a result, GMP began to define and control the sources of particulates,to try to control possible "microbial contamination.".

The presence of personnel in clean rooms is usually the highest source of risk of particulate and microbial contamination in the air,so proper gowning and limiting the number of staff into a room must be carefully controlled to be within the clean room design.

It's widely used in water treatment system, liquid filling machine, tablet production line, pharmaceutical machine, oil extraction line, formulation processing plants, filling and packing lines, PET packaging,foil sealing, medical device & pharmaceutical packaging, aseptic manufacturing and repackaging, non-PVC soft bag IV solution production line, etc.

Find details about SuZhou Pharma iso5 cleanroom, iso 6 cleanroom, iso 8 cleanroom,iso7 cleanroom followings.

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