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What does an air shower do?

Air shower are specialized anti-chambers through which personnel must pass before entering cleanrooms in order to avoid contamination. Decontamination is done by clearing off dust and dirt particles from bodies of cleanroom personnel to minimize contamination of equipment or products. The front and rear doors of the air shower/cargo shower room are electronically interlocked, which can also act as an air lock to prevent the raw air from entering the clean area. The blowing way can be customize slide blowing, top blowing, single slide or double slide. 

The typical operation of an air shower involves:

  1. Entry Procedure: Individuals or materials enter the air shower through an interlocking door system that ensures one door closes before the next can be opened. This prevents air from escaping the cleanroom.

  2. High-Velocity Air Jets: Once inside the air shower, high-velocity HEPA-filtered air (or sometimes ULPA-filtered) is blown down from multiple nozzles located on the ceiling and walls at high pressure. These jets create a turbulent airflow that dislodges and removes particulates from the person or object.

  3. Particle Removal: The filtered air captures and removes particles, which are then prevented from re-circulating back into the cleanroom because the filters trap them effectively.

  4. Dwell Time: Users typically stand in the air shower for a predetermined period (usually several seconds to a minute) to ensure thorough decontamination.

  5. Exit: After the air shower cycle is complete, the user exits through another interlocked door leading directly into the controlled environment.

Air showers are commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, medical device assembly, biotechnology labs, and other industries where maintaining strict cleanliness standards is essential to product quality and process integrity.

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