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Cleanroom Panels

What is cleanroom panels?

Cleanroom panels are specialized building components used in the construction of cleanrooms, which are controlled environments with low levels of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, and chemical vapors. These panels serve to maintain the air quality and sterility required for various industries that demand high standards of cleanliness, including semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, medical device assembly, and scientific research. The panels typically consist of the following components:

Core Material: The core can be made from materials like honeycomb aluminum, polyurethane foam, or rockwool, providing structural stability and insulation against temperature changes and sound transmission.

Surfaces: The facing materials are usually non-shedding, smooth, and easy-to-clean materials like vinyl-coated gypsum, stainless steel, or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). They are designed to resist bacteria growth and withstand regular cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Sealing System: Cleanroom panels are tightly sealed around their edges to prevent air leakage and maintain positive or negative air pressure as required by the cleanroom classification. This may involve special gaskets or tongue-and-groove joints.

Fire Resistance: Depending on the application, cleanroom panels might have fire-resistant properties to meet safety regulations.

Integration with HVAC Systems: Panels are often designed to accommodate integrated ductwork, wiring, and lighting systems necessary for maintaining the precise environmental conditions within the cleanroom.

Cleanroom panels form an integral part of a modular cleanroom system, providing the essential framework to create and maintain ultra-clean environments crucial for many high-tech and health-related industries.

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