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Clean Room Project Solution for CBD Production

Clean Room Project Solution for CBD Production


Industry: CBD Production

Location: Germany

Price: USD 200,000

Project SQM:300 square meters

Year of execution: 2019



Mr.Dan is running a international cosmetic factory. He want to build one clean

room for extract his material in GMP Standard. They are lack of related extracting experience so that they want provide support and help to them.


In January, we exchanged ideas and got their real factory dimension drawings.

This is a very important step so we could know the factory approximate layout,we can optimal the design as the original function and layout.

In June,we had confirmed most of the important items, but Mr.Dan required us do some rooms with explosion proof function. Because in these rooms will be some solvent exist.

So we had changed our past design and modify the design strictly in accordance with the requirements of the German local fire protection department.

Finally, we installed the project soon and Mr.Dan had started his business. 

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