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The Story Of The Centrifuge Machine With Usa Customer

The Story Of The Centrifuge Machine With Usa Customer


industry: health product
location: USA
price: USD 4000
year of execution: 2020

Products and quantity purchased by customers:100L Centrifuge Extraction Machine

Total project value:One Set of machine,USD 4,000



We are pharmaceutical machinery company in China. With years mature manufacturing experience and team of professional engineers and designers. Can provide various of customized service.



My client is running a workshop for the health products,he want to buy one machine for extract his material.He find us and provide some customized service for his design.

We agreed with him and finally produced it in 15 days later.


After one month shipping, client received this machine.


He told us he is so excited when he saw this machine,because the machine is very shining. 

Client write us some situation when he receive the machine.

Because we disassembled it before shiping(To avoid broken)So in the next day we work together inline to install the machine.


Then we found his lab power get some trouble, he do not have the single power.

So we helped him change the wires and finally the machine started work.

In the end,he is very happy for our help and his business could start.

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