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Israel Biological Engineering Clean Room

Israel Biological Engineering Clean Room


Industry: Biological Project

Location: Israel

Project SQM: 50 square meters

Year of Execution: 2017



This is a good memory : because this is our first clean room project we built in Israel, which is mainly about bioengineering. We finalized the contract and the date of installation and commissioning within a week after the first quotation and design of the scheme. Everything is going very smoothly; This is also the customer's first clean room project, which also indicates a good start . In the spring of the next year, we received the second order from this customer, They began to expand the second site . 

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This project is 50 square meter space, involving a total of one main working area and a buffer room. As you can see, the lights on the cleanroom ceiling is LED double tube tear bead light. Now we have upgraded it to LED flat panel light , more beautiful and thinner .


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Over the years, we have been constantly upgrading our clean room materials and installation methods, especially the installation and commissioning are very inconvenient due to the epidemic in recent years, so we have updated the clean room to be modular type, easy to install and easy to understand, just like "Lego building blocks", which can be installed according to drawings and videos , and in the past few years of the epidemic, we have also successfully guided our customers online to complete the installation of clean rooms. At present, the projects successfully installed include Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Spain and other countries.


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The customer was very satisfied with the project, installation and commissioning. The customer was very friendly to our engineers,This also laid the foundation and trust for future cooperation. 

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