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The Story with Mauritius Client

The Story with Mauritius Client


The story began from an inquiry at Oct 12th 2017, a very friendly cooperation started and now it’s continuing.

Chris found us from Alibaba, his factory want to buy the AHU unit for food production workshop.

At first, we have quote the unit with a detailed specification. When we introduce our factory he very interested in us, their factory need air shower for goods and other equipment.

We give the suggestion about his factory environment which equipment they will need. To keep a dry and proper temperature, humidity is important. So we provide the specific turnkey cleanroom solutions for his project regarding the AHU unit, air duct design and ventilation design.

After several months we haven’t get feedback from him. Around one year later, we received the news again. He said the factory will need a cold room to storage the noodles. This time they need the product urgently, we give a fast reply and quotation for a 32 square meter cold room. Through discussion in the next weeks, they decide to buy the equipment from us.

At March 2019, our two engineer went to Mauritius to do the installation work.

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The installation work lasted for two weeks, we finished the cold room,air shower, AHU and air duct, dehumidifier installation. We feel the friendliness and enthusiasm of our clients. So far, all equipment has been running steadily, and customers have high satisfaction with our products, which is why we have continued cooperation in the future.

Chris said he will visit China in June, every year he will visit the supplier to investigate new technology and products. In this trip he will visit our factory on the way.

We bring him visit our factory and introduced the products about clean room, he said their factory is requiring a changing room for workers. When he back to Mauritius he will send us the layout drawing.

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He said you are very professional in clean room project, then he choose us again.

Due to the previous cooperate, the discussion of changing room went very smoothly. The changing room with multi function and complete device including stainless steel 304 locker, shoes bench, hand basin, hand dryer,etc. In August 2019, we received the down payment from T/T, the second order started.

In Jan 2020, the installation of changing room is finished. Customer send us feedback picture and video, the installation team did very good job. After 3 years the changing room still solid, bright!

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In April 2023, our engineer Kevin went to Mauritius for a dormitory installation guide. The project was planned before 3 years ago. The story trace back to Feb 2020, when COVID-19 suddenly outbreak every city in lack of isolation room. Customer factory want to build dormitory for their employee. We design a solution for 88 people dormitory, the location environment is special because of the island climate. The structure must be hurricane prevention and anti-corrosive.

While the expensive freight causes the project delay. Until Oct 2022, the freight return to normal the project restart.

In April end 2023, Chris and their team began the installation work. We feel their enthusiastic and friendly, like treating old friends. Working with the professional team the communication between us very smooth and efficiency. Our customer said the trust to us because of our product quality and services. Our cooperation is still ongoing, and our friendship is also continuing!

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