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The Story Of The Co2 Supercritical Extraction Machine Wtih Europe Customer

The Story Of The Co2 Supercritical Extraction Machine Wtih Europe Customer


Industry: Spice Industry

Location: Europe

Price: USD 30,000

Year of Execution: 2019

We are pharmaceutical machinery company in China,With years mature manufacturing experience and Team of professional engineers and designers.Can provide various of customized service.


Mr.Eady is running a spice factory,he want to look for a new technology to process turmeric.

The traditional method will hurt the active ingredients and easy to chemical residues.

So they find us and want us solve his problem and we recommend him our co2 supercritical extraction machine.This is a new technology could extract turmeric in low temperature and completely environmentally friendly by physical extraction.



What happened later

Because customer did not have related production technology,And he get nothing learn about this machine and do not know how to operate it.


So we had many meetings to design the machine make it more simple to operate and install. We also done many experiments of the similar products with his samples and confirmed the related machine parameters and process technology that suitable to him.


In the end,customer come to our factory for visit,after checking the machine and taught him how to operate machine. He is very happy and want to continue cooperate and expand their production.


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