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New Design Of Clean Booth

New Design Of Clean Booth


The clean booth is a simple purification device with low investment, high purification level and convenient movement. The product is an ideal mobile device for sampling and goods delivery in medical and health, biological products, food, electronics and other industries. The body support takes the iron square plastic spraying as the frame, uses the fan filter snit FFU for air supply, and places the clean laminar flow hood FFU on the frame assembled by professional purified aluminum profiles. The top is covered with blind plates, and the tight joints are surrounded by anti-static curtains / anti-static plexiglass.


June of 2021,we received an inquiry from our company website of a Europe customer, he wants us to help him choose a clean room that does not need to change the original laboratory structure.


We recommend him our new design high strength aluminum-panel system.We recommend him this system for it is a very beautiful and easy to installation.This is an absolutely new design compared with the traditional clean room, It havey shorter installation time,lower labor cost that only need one worker 3 hours to install it, the max load ability even could reach 2 tons, so this unit do not need hanging to your beam, it could stand itself and it is also available in various sizes.


Before he paid to us, we built it in our factory and test the quality, then we confirmed the shipping date, at the same time, we sent him many installation pictures, when he received it he will know start from which step.

news-PHARMA-New Design Of Clean Booth-img                 
news-New Design Of Clean Booth-PHARMA-img                 
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news-New Design Of Clean Booth-PHARMA-img-1                 

This clean booth is made of aluminum with panel, which is for GMP standard, the panel equipped with fireproof certification.


In July, after the customer received the clean booth, we sent a online video to guide him how to install it, so he quickly and easily installed clean booth. The customer said that he was very happy to receive such a high-quality dust-free workshop, and looked forward to our next cooperation.

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