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Spanish customer a customer asked me to quote the price of distillation equipment

Spanish customer a customer asked me to quote the price of distillation equipment


Operator: David

Single product: Extraction Machine

Volume: 70380 USD

Single buyer (country / type): Spanish (retail company)

Spanish customer, a customer asked me to quote the price of distillation equipment. Combined with the product pictures on the customer's website and email inquiry, the detailed style specifications were quickly clarified

At the beginning of this cooperation, as usual, I received a humble inquiry from Russia, asking for our related products in general. Even so, the reply also attached company profile, product description and other information in detail. After three days, the customer replied and sent us a lot of product inquiry related to us. Although we received it soon after work, we were alert that it was a potential buyer. We worked overtime immediately, prepared the quotation carefully, attached product pictures, and sent it out the same day. Unexpectedly, when we went to work the next day, we received the customer's reply, saying that it was under consideration. I made notes on the memo to be followed.

A week later, I still didn't receive a reply from the customer, so I sent an email to ask how the customer's current purchasing plan was. After two days, the customer asked me to do PI, and then drafted the contract. Russia's contract is cumbersome. Nevertheless, it is very excited to deal with it patiently. As a result, another week has passed and there is no reply. One night, the customer added my Skype for negotiation. The next day, the customer made a deposit, so arranged production and shipment, answered the customer's doubts and questions in each link in detail, and finally sent the customs clearance information with a blessing card.

After three months, the customer inspected the factory, four people went together, picked up the guests on time, inspected the factory, treated them carefully, and attached small gifts. Soon, the second big order came down again. This time, we sent the customs clearance materials with carefully prepared hand-made cards, group photos and blessing words with our customers. After receiving them, our customers expressed their gratitude for our company's attentive treatment.

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