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Customer success new customers often imported from China

Customer success new customers often imported from China


Operator: David

Single product: Centrifuge Machine

Volume: 38380 USD

Single buyer (country / type): Australia (retail company)

Customer success: new customers, often imported from China. The buyer sent category inquiry and quotation through global resources in 2014. The customer checked it but did not communicate further. However, at least they learned about our electric vehicle products. In July, 2016, they sent the product inquiry again, and sent the latest quotation information to the customers. 

The customer replied that he was interested in the product and wanted to try several sets to give it to his family. But in the middle, we didn't communicate with each other because of some problems. Then we contacted us again. We confirmed that we were the manufacturer by telephone. We communicated 10+ test orders. At the same time, he told him that he would arrange Chinese friends to inspect the factory. 

According to the buyer's products and budget and purpose, he offered to recommend some suitable products to the customers, After many product details communication, the model was confirmed, then the customer's Chinese agent came to the factory and looked at the goods. Finally, the buyer was waiting for the buyer to apply for import license and payment. After the payment was confirmed, the goods were inspected again and then the other orders of the buyer were exported in 20 feet. 

Generally speaking, the buyer is better at communication, familiar with the process of purchasing from China, and requires factory inspection. According to the understanding, suppliers in other industries of the customer maintain long-term cooperation, so as long-term cooperation is not impossible as long as the customers have market.

Experience: the buyer information must be sorted out, and the general inquiry customers may become major customers in the future. Be familiar with the product, and understand the buyer and its needs before recommending the product, and you will be attracted to continue to communicate with you.

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