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Laboratory and Processing Workshop

Laboratory and Processing Workshop


Industry: Laboratory and processing workshop


Price:USD 115000

Project SQM:180square meters

Year of Execution:2018-2019

Customer scale:Packing room and laboratory 

From Alibaba.com our client find us through the product air lock.

First they send us a small scale layout of laboratory, and we offer a estimate cost. After five months they change the original one, expand their clean area to 180square meters. For further request they need HVAC system to control the humidity at 30% for the laboratory.

Besides, they are very interested in our stainless steel furniture, such as chairs, table, cabinet, etc.

In the final order there are cleanroom, HVAC system and stainless steel furniture. Before send out we mark the material with numbers and prepare install video to show each steps.

The local workers they find with full experience. They install the clean room and HVAC with our online guide only in three days. We cooperate very smoothly. 



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