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Egyptian Laminar Flow Transmission Window

Egyptian Laminar Flow Transmission Window


Industry: Snack processing workshop

Location: Egypt

Year of execution: 2018

The transfer window is used in the snack processing workshop to convert some raw materials. Customers are particularly concerned about the quality of the products. They hope to protect the products in the process of conversion, and this is very important for their local standard.                 

Customer require the following points:

1. With laminar flow cleaning system

2. Size: 1000x1000x500

3. Crystal class B

4. The material is stainless steel 316

5. With UV germicidal lamp

Therefore, it is very important to use the high-efficiency fan to meet the customer's requirements.

High strength stainless steel plate with thickness of 2.0 mm is used to ensure stable operation of the equipment. Large glass windows are used in front of the equipment to facilitate customers to observe the real situation of internal products.

So far, it has been used for 3 years without major quality problems.

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