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Canada Pharmaceutical Industry Clean Room

Canada Pharmaceutical Industry Clean Room


Industry:Pharmaceutical Industry


Price:USD 150000

Project SQM:700

Year of Execution: Early 2021

In 2021 New Year,we finished the clean room installation in Canada.The clean room installation was finished in Canada according to ISO14644-1 international standard, Canada UL standard, this is the first clean room we finished in 2021.

Due to the epidemic, we can't arrive the customer's country, but our customers only used our drawings, videos, and online teaching to carry out a successful independent installation and completed the project within 15 working days.Their clean room factory installed fast and beautiful, during the process, they have big confidence on our clean room technique and quality.

I‘d like to introduce you our clean room, which is usually used as an aseptic environment for the production. Our clean room has a variety of uses in different industries, such as cosmetic production, growing mushrooms, as a laboratory, factory workshop production, it has different cleanliness, from class 100 to class 10000,the cleanliness according to your needs.

Which industry do you want use the clean room, please tell us, if you are convenient, please send us your CAD drawing by email, but if you have no drawing we can provide drawing custom service.

Our clean room project can be divided into 3 types:turnkey clean room, modular clean room, custom clean room project.

1.Turnkey clean room is everything are constructed by us according to your needs, including furnitures,finally give you the room keys.

2. Modular clean room is a standard size, and the module can be extend to several sets, height usually 2.5m or 2.7m

3.Customized clean room is that you have your own drawing, and we according to your drawing to construct.

Our clean room panel is devided into 2 types, handmade and machine made. We cut the board into pieces that can be assembled directly, like DIY, a small clean room can be constructed by 2 people only one day, it's really convenient.

We assure all our clean room materials are comply  with GMP standard(example:  fireproof sandwich panels,HVAC, double layer windows with CCC certificate, inside hepa filter with CE standard... ) and clean room design according to ISO 14644-1 International standard.We also provide clean room equipments, such as pass box, air shower etc. If you needs, please contact us at any time.

At the same time, our after sales service follows the principle of answering the questions at any time.We hope our customers all trust us and we will give them best products,best service,best friendship!

Looking forward to your inquiry~




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