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The Story Of The Centrifuge Machine Wtih USA Customer

The Story Of The Centrifuge Machine Wtih USA Customer


We are a centrifuge extraction machine manufacturer in China, with years mature manufacturing experience and team of professional engineers and designers, we can provide customized service.


Products and quantity purchased by customer:300L Centrifuge Extraction Machine


Total project value: One set of machine, USD 12000




Mr. Jim is running a workshop for the CBD Vapor products, he want to buy one machine for extract his material. He find us and us provide some customized service for his design. We agreed with him and finally finished it in 35 days later.


After one month sea shipping, Jim received this machine and started the machine.


He told us he feels really good when he use this machine, because the machine is very easy to operate.


He also shared the machine working videos to us. And we helped him do some upgraded to his machine. The power and tubes all are customized as his requirements and finally the machine started work.


Finally, Jim's machine started to operate normally. He was very satisfied with our products and will continue to purchase.


Now, let us have a general understanding of what a centrifuge is.


A centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to accelerate the separation of different materials that need to be separated.


Centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or each component in a mixture of liquid and liquid.The centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid, or to separate the two incompatible liquids in the emulsion with different densities (for example, separating cream from milk); it can also be used to remove Liquids in wet solids, such as drying wet clothes with a washing machine; special ultra-velocity tube separators can also separate gas mixtures of different densities; taking advantage of the different sedimentation speeds of solid particles of different densities or particle sizes in the liquid, and some sedimentation The centrifuge can also classify solid particles according to density or particle size.


The centrifuges we produce comply with GMP standards and are a good helper for experiments and production. If you are interested in our machines, please contact us through the contact information at the bottom of the official website.

Our company also produces carbon dioxide extraction machines and other machines. If you are interested, please pay attention to us. We will update some stories about us and our customers from time to time. Our new product releases and cases will all be released on our official website, looking forward to your attention~



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