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Canada Mask Production Clean Room

Canada Mask Production Clean Room


Industry: Disinfection mask production workshop

Location: Canada

Price: USD 35000

Project SQM:140

Year of Execution:2020-2021

Customer scale: Modular Cleanroom workshop

As the epidemic continues to expand worldwide, the demand for medical masks in every country is increasing. It is no longer sufficient to import masks from China. At the same time, the quality requirements of masks have also increased, and more sterile sterilized medical masks are needed. In this way, it is necessary to produce and process masks in a clean room to meet the production requirements for sterile masks.


The modular clean room can be installed quickly. 3-4 workers can complete the 150 square meter clean room installation within 2 weeks. And if the clean room needs to be replaced, it can be quickly dismantled, quickly transported to another site, and quickly re-established. Moreover, the clean room can also be used as other workshops with cleanliness requirements in the later stage to produce other products, such as food. Our clean room doors and windows are all standard sizes, and the positions of the doors and windows can be adjusted at any time, which means that our modular clean room can also change the original design for easy installation.


We hope that our quick-installation modular clean room can be used by more people to meet the needs of more customers.



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