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Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom in USA

Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom in USA


Industry: Pharmacy Industry

Location: USA


Project SQM:800 Square meters

Year of Execution: 2017-2019

Customer scale:Medicine supplier

Project description:

This USA Pharmacy cleanroom has parts ISO5 area, so the important is the key factor in your choice of cleanroom material. we choose stainless steel GMP panel walls (standard materials are galvanized steel, naturally),professional anti static elevated floor ,and cleanroom ceiling with full of FFU units(for keeping clean grade ISO5).

We also design the double-glazed glass wall on one side of the cleanroom , the double-glazed glass wall thickness 50mm,75mm,100mm, matched with sandwich panels of the same thickness.The double-glazed glass walls with an enhanced sound insulation of 40 dB.(better than single glazed glass)

They allow to see into the production process and create a different, working atmosphere. In this way, you avoid staff feeling isolated in small, closed rooms and thereby their safety is increased by an easier supervision of their workstations.


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