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Philippine Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory

Philippine Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory


Industry: PCR Laboratory

Location: Philippines

Price: USD 50000

Project SQM:90

Year of Execution:2020-2021

Customer scale:Outdoor Modular Cleanroom Laboratory


The nucleic acid testing laboratory that we shipped to the Philippines at the end of last year has been successfully completed and put into use for several months. This project is a clean room project for outdoor use. The customer himself lays a cement concrete foundation locally, and then our module The chemical clean room can be built on the foundation, and the design of this outdoor modular clean room can also be used in squares, parking lots, shopping centers, and stations. It can be put into use quickly to meet the requirements of clean rooms and ensure air safety in nucleic acid testing laboratories.


This time, the walls and roof are made of food grade 304 stainless steel plates, which are not tight and corrosion-resistant, and are beautiful, easy to wash, and greatly increase the service life. The integrated air conditioner provided by us has completed the cooling and heating debugging in the factory, and the customer only needs to connect the air duct locally.


After receiving good feedback from customers in the Philippines, we hope that more customers can use our outdoor modular clean room to make more contributions to the world's fight against the epidemic.

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