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Cleanroom Built in Saudi Arabia

Cleanroom Built in Saudi Arabia


Industry: Pharmaceutical 

Location:Saudi Arabia 

Project SQM:800 square meter

Year of Execution:2021 


As the contemporary society attaches more importance to the quality of food and medicine production environment, the demand for clean rooms (GMP workshop) is also increasing. This clean room we built in Saudi Arabia in 2021 years with clean grade iso7 and it has been approved by FDA and started pharmaceutical production in 2022. 

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And i would like to introduce of our cleanroom for reference,if you want to build an cleanroom, we would like to design and calculate complete solution for you: 

Mainly Construction

Window WallHVAC system

Cleanroom walls and ceilings panels made as double side PCGI+ rockwool/honeycomb/glass magnesium, thick 50mm/75mm  panels can always be customized to meet every need, Module width module height, height of the glass, cutout sizes, etc. They are variable dimensions.

As a result, Suzhou Pharma offers the widest possible range of sizes. And if you need something outside the range on offer and want fully- customized dimensions, we can also make these as standard.

GMP double layer glass walls are resistant to almost any chemicals.Transparency and Safety Glass walls create transparency. They allow to see into the production process and create a different working atmosphere. 

In this way, you avoid staff feeling Isolated in small, closed rooms and there by their safety ls increased by an easier supervision of their workstations and encourages tidiness in production, because everything is visible and all glass wall position we supply as customize request.

Cleanrooms operate under very strict Internal air conditions that require hvac systems to not only provide close- band temperature limits, but also humidity control and very high efficiency filtration. 

The HVAC systems are to delivery air change rates that are far In excess of normal atmospheric conditions ensure a low particle count for applications such as high quality product manufacture or scientific and medical research. Due to inner ISO 7 clean grade,we also design HEPA Box connected ahu unit by air duct, for cleanroomclean grade,temperature,humidity control.

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