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Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom

Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom


Industry: Pharmacy Industry 

Location:Saudi Arabia


Project SQM:700 Square meters

Year of Execution: 2016-2017

Customer scale:Our Partner 

About Cleanroom:

GMP Cleanroom mainly engaged in offering full service for system clean room engineering, including product manufacturing, equipment transport, construction control, engineering acceptance test, etc.

The engineering contains 5 sectors, cleanroom decoration, HVAC, cleanroom equipments, whole plant centralized control and electrical appliances, which are widely used in food, electronics, pharmaceutical industry, and so on.



    This is one of our perennial partners. The drawings of this project are completed by the engineers of both sides, and the clean room structure of German standard is completely restored

    Layout Design:


    Team Work:


 Customer demand:


Flexible adjustments The ceiling system is suitable for any design or size of clean room installations. The grid dimensions have been standardised and as a result it offers a fast and safe planning. This also offers a flexible design and clean room size. The ceiling is flexible, too. Each individual element can be removed.


The lighting system is designed for our two types ceiling systems in combination with enhanced hygienic requirements. 

The lighting system is inserted into the ceiling from top side; from below it is flush to the ceiling sy.stem.


There is usually a butt joint between the wall & ceiling and the floor.

In the Progress,the gaps are sealed with a silicone joint as standard. this normal connection to the structure does not restrict the flexibility of the system.



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