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FAQ Structure Description Of Rotary Tablet Press(4)

FAQ Structure Description Of Rotary Tablet Press(4)


9. Powder aspirator device


The powder suction box is a cuboid, which is installed on the left side of the base. There is a blower behind it, which is driven by a V-belt. The lower part is a powder storage chamber, the upper part is a powder filtering chamber, and there are five round powder filter bags inside. When the blower works, it generates suction force, so that the flying powder generated on the die and the powder falling from the middle die fall into the powder storage chamber through the powder suction pipe. The gas rises in a turn and is discharged through the powder filter bag. The micro powder particles contained in the gas remain in the powder filter bag, Therefore, after a certain period of use, the powder filter bag may be blocked and lose its effectiveness. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine, open the door and discharge the powder particles in the powder filter bag and the powder storage tray. Pay attention to the isosceles triangle device between the door and the powder tube. The junction will leak, otherwise, the efficiency of powder suction will be affected.


10. C-type continuously variable wheel device


It is installed on the motor shaft, and there are two inclined movable plates inside, which are supported on both sides by 12 spiral springs to generate positive pressure. The speed change method is to move the motor to change the distance between two wheels, while the V-belt in the movable plate slot correspondingly increases or decreases the radius, and the speed changes due to the change of the radius, so as to meet the requirements of stepless speed change within a certain range.




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