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FAQ Construction Scheme For Transmission Window Installation

FAQ Construction Scheme For Transmission Window Installation



The transfer window is an important logistics channel in the clean area, which can be divided into three categories: 1. electronic chain transfer window 2. mechanical chain transfer window 3. self-cleaning transfer window. At the same time, the transfer window can be divided into air shower transfer window, ordinary transfer window and laminar flow transfer window according to the working principle. As an auxiliary equipment of the clean room, the transfer window is mainly used for the transfer of small items between the clean area and the clean area, and between the clean area and the non-clean area, so as to reduce the number of open doors in the clean room and minimize the pollution to the clean room


Several main requirements of the transfer window:

1. Interlock device, only one door can be opened at the same time;

2. All box materials are 304 stainless steel;

3. The cleanliness of the top air supply and transfer window is Class 100;

4. Full-automatic self-purification system ensures that the internal level of the transfer window is 100, and the filtering system automatically operates when and after the transfer of goods; When delivering articles for self-purification, the double doors of the delivery window cannot be opened;


The location of the transfer window is generally subject to convenient access and transportation of goods. It is generally set between the storage room (transfer room) and the clean area. The room where the transfer window is located is relatively spacious, which is convenient for the transfer and use of goods. The transfer room where the transfer window is located is narrow and narrow, which is not very convenient. When the transfer object is large, such space will bring great inconvenience to operators. Because the partition wall of the plant is made of 50mm thick color steel plate, there are two cases: 1. There are interlayer, that is, the sandwich formed by two color steel plates can support the transfer window itself; 2. If there is no interlayer, the base of the transfer window must be installed first during the installation process.



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