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FAQ Device For Replacing FFU Fan Filter Unit Inside The Clean Shed.

FAQ Device For Replacing FFU Fan Filter Unit Inside The Clean Shed.


The specific technical scheme is:


The clean shed is specifically composed of fasteners, brackets, aluminum profiles and support pads. The bracket is connected to the top of the clean shed space. The fan is fixed on the bracket through fasteners. The fan is under the high-efficiency filter unit. The high-efficiency filter unit is supported by aluminum profiles and support pads fixed on the bracket. The horizontal plane of the aluminum profile is provided with at least one groove. The support pad is embedded in the groove of the aluminum profile while extending out to support the high-efficiency filter unit.

Further, the support gasket is Z-shaped or I-shaped.


The beneficial effect of the utility model is that the installation is simple and fast, and the high-efficiency filtering unit can be replaced in the microenvironment, which is convenient and safe; Without considering the overall load-bearing capacity of the microenvironment, the design requirements are reduced and costs are saved.


The removal and entry of all kinds of equipment in the clean room and the maintenance and management of relevant equipment and pipelines should ensure that particles and microorganisms are not brought into the clean room


The principle of air purification, the control of pollutants in clean buildings, water or gas or chemicals in direct contact with products, production equipment and tools, and the control and prevention of particle vibration, noise and static electricity.



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