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FAQ Why Use The FFU System And The Components Of The FFU Are

FAQ Why Use The FFU System And The Components Of The FFU Are


The following advantages of FFU itself make it quickly applied:

1. Flexible and easy to replace, install and move

FFU has its own power, and is self-contained and modular, and the matching filter is easy to replace, so it is not limited by the area; in the clean workshop, it can be controlled by partition, replaced and moved as needed.

2. Negative pressure ventilation

This is a unique feature of FFU. Because it can provide static pressure itself, the clean room is positive pressure relative to the outside world, so that the external particles will not be leaked into the clean area, making the sealing simple and safe.

3. Shorten the construction period

The use of FFU saves the production and installation of air ducts and shortens the construction period.

4. Reduce operating costs

Although when choosing FFU, the initial investment is higher than using air duct ventilation, but in the later operation, it prominently shows the characteristics of energy saving and maintenance-free.

5. Save space

Compared with other systems, the FFU system occupies less floor height in the air supply static pressure box, and basically does not occupy the clean room space.


FFU is mainly composed of four parts:

1) Cabinet

Its material is commonly used galvanized aluminum alloy coated steel plate, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The first function is to support the fan and the wind guide ring, and the second is to support the deflector;

2) deflector

The airflow equalization device is built in the inside of the box, around the bottom of the fan;

3) fan

There are three kinds of AC (AC/1Phase), DC (EC/1Phase), and three AC (AC/3Phase);

4) Control parts

For AC FFU, five-speed governor or stepless governor is commonly used; the control chip of DC system is embedded in the motor, and remote control is realized by means of special control software, computer, control gateway and network lines.



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