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Structure Description Of Rotary Tablet Press(3)

Structure Description Of Rotary Tablet Press(3)



7. Filling adjustment device


The filling adjustment mechanism is installed inside the main body. The moon shaped filling rail can be observed on the plane of the main body. It rises or falls by the role of the screw to control the filling amount. The scale of the dial on the disc is equal to 0.01 mm per grid of filling amount from 0-45. When the disc is rotated for adjustment, the filling amount increases when it is rotated to the right and decreases when it is rotated to the left. A 0-15 gauge is installed on the right side of the disc as the filling amount, in millimetres.


8. Frame and motor device


The base is a three-dimensional square box. The motor is installed on the movable plate in the base. When adjusting the speed, rotate the outer round hand wheel of the base. When adjusting, first loosen the knurled nut in the center of the hand wheel, and then rotate the hand wheel. Rotate the knurled nut quickly to the left and slowly to the right. After adjustment, tighten the knurled nut. There are electrical appliances installed in the base. An ammeter, a button switch, and a red green indicator are installed on the front door. The red light is on when the power is turned on. It indicates that the line is powered. When the motor is started, the red light turns off and the green light turns on, indicating that the motor has been operating normally. The ammeter is used to measure the load of the motor.




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