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Solution of tablet weight difference

Solution of tablet weight difference


1. Uneven distribution of particle size and different particle velocities during tablet pressing lead to uneven particle size in the mold hole. If there are more coarse particles, the tablet will be light, and more fine particles, the tablet will be heavy. Solution: the particles should be mixed or sieved to a more fine powder.

2. If the fine powder adheres to the punch and causes a hanging impact, the weight difference of the sheet will be larger. At this time, the down punch does not rotate flexibly, so it should be checked in time, the die should be removed, and the down punch and middle die holes should be cleaned.

3. The fluidity of particles is not good, and the amount of particles flowing into the middle die hole is more or less, which causes the difference of sheet weight to be too large and beyond the limit. Solution: the fluidity of particles should be improved by re granulating or adding appropriate flow aids such as silica gel powder.

4 particle stratification. Solve the problem of particle stratification and reduce the difference in particle size.

The smaller tablets should be made of larger particles. Solution: choose the appropriate size of particles.

6. The hopper is blocked, which often occurs in the drug with strong viscosity or humidity. The feeding hopper should be dredged, the tablet pressing environment should be kept dry, and flow aids should be added properly.

7. There is a big difference in the storage capacity of materials, which is controlled within 50%.

8. The feeder is unbalanced or not installed in place, resulting in uneven packing.

9. The scraper is uneven or poorly installed. Solution: leveling.

10 with a forced feeder, the rotation speed of the forced feeder wheel does not match that of the rotary table. The solution: adjust to the same.

11. The punch does not fit well with the middle die hole. For example, a lot of powder is leaked between the outer circumference of the down punch and the wall of the die hole, resulting in "astringent punch" in the down punch and insufficient material filling. Therefore, the punch and the middle die should be replaced.

12.The length of undercuttings is different, which is out of tolerance, resulting in uneven filling. The solution: repair, repair ± five μ Within 5 m.

13.When the lower punch belt is damped, the damping force adjusted by the damping screw is not good. Readjustment.

14. The filling track is worn or the filling mechanism is unstable. Solution: replace or secure.

15.The speed of the turntable is too fast and the filling quantity is insufficient. Especially when pressing large pieces, the rotation speed should be reduced properly to ensure sufficient filling.

16.The vibration of the tablet press is too big, the structure is loose, the assembly is unreasonable or reassembled; The setting pressure of the tablet press is too high to reduce the pressure.

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