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Solution of tablet fragmentation

Solution of tablet fragmentation


A tablet pressing machine is a kind of machine that can press dry granular or powdery materials into tablets through molds. According to different models, tablet presses can be divided into single punch tablet presses, basket tablet presses, rotary tablet presses, sub-high-speed rotary tablet presses, automatic high-speed tablet presses, and rotary core tablet presses.

The function and application range of different types of tablet presses are different, but they usually encounter the same problem, that is, the problem of cracking. So why do they split? The main reason for this is that there is too much fine powder in the particles. When compressed, there is air in the particles. When compressed, the speed is relatively fast, and the gap between punching and die hole is relatively small. When compressed, the air is not excluded from the particles and is sealed in the sheet. When there is no pressure, the air will expand, which will lead to cracks.

Here are some ways to solve the crack in different situations.

Because of too much pressure, there are many lobes

When the pressure on the particles increases, the degree of expansion also increases, and the binding force of the adhesive can not stop its expansion, so it causes cracks, so the pressure should be reduced.

Because the punch and die hole do not meet the requirements of crack

The die used for a long time is wearing away, which leads to the uneven fit between the upper punch and the die hole. The upper punch has sharp inward curling, and the pressure is uneven, which makes them part of the sheet under too much pressure, resulting in a top crack or die ring deformation. The appropriate die should be replaced in time.

Crack due to unsatisfactory particles

When the texture is loose and the fine powder is too much, the concentration and dosage of the adhesive should be adjusted and the granulation method should be improved. When the granules are too dry and the medicine containing crystal water loses too much, the water content of granules should be controlled according to different varieties.

Lobes due to improper selection of adhesive

When granulating, if there is too little binder, if there is not enough viscosity, the dry particles will be dried; if there is too much fine powder, the dry particles will be too hard, which may cause disintegration difficulty and one-sided pitting, so the binder should be added properly; If the fine powder is too much, a little can be screened out; If the particle is too hard, it should be reworked and granulated again with an additional disintegrating agent.

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