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Transfer window(pass box)

Transfer window(pass box)


Transfer window(pass box) is a kind of auxiliary equipment of Clean Room, which is mainly used to transfer small articles between clean area and clean area, as to reduce the opening times of clean room, minimize the contamination of the clean room.


The transfer window double doors are interlocked to prevent cross-contamination. They are equipped with electronic or mechanical interlocked devices and equipped with ultraviolet sterilizing lamps.


Classified transfer window can be divided into categories:

1.Electronic Chain Transfer Window

2. Mechanical Chain Transfer Window.



According to the working principle can include:

Static Pass Box and Dynamic Pass Box. They can customized according to the actual requirements and option accessories include: Interphone, sterilization lamp and other related functional accessories.



1. The raw materials (products) and the people passageway are separated, and the material should pass through into the special passage in production workshop


2.When passing through the products, the two doors can not be opened at the same time.


3 Raw materials and wastes that are highly likely to cause pollution shall be transported from their dedicated transfer windows to non-clean areas.


4.After finished the materials transfer, the transfer window should be cleaned in time.

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