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Application of air shower

Application of air shower


The air shower is also called the wind shower room, the wind shower door, the wind shower passage, the air shower room.


The air shower room is the necessary passage to the clean room, which can reduce the pollution problem brought by the clean room.


The air shower is a kind of general-purpose local purification equipment, which is installed between the clean room and the non-clean room. When people and goods to enter the clean area and blow out the clean air, it can remove the dust carried by people and goods, it can effectively block or reduce the source of dust into the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower/cargo shower are electronically interlocked to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area.


Before enter the clean room:


1. before enter the Clean Room, workers should go into the changing room and take off the coat, watches, mobile phones, accessories and other items.


2. After entered the changing room, workers must wear clean clothes, hats, masks and gloves.


3. Open the air shower door into the shower area, the air shower door closed immediately, the infrared induction, wind drench start automatically, blowing drench 15 seconds.


4.after the blowing stop work, another door will open automatically and workers can enter into the cleanroom.




The air shower is used in the clean room, non-clean room and microelectronics, photoelectric, semiconductor, medicine, food, chemical industry, laboratory, etc.


It is used to remove dust particles larger than 0.3 micron in each part of human body in the process of entering high cleanliness room from low cleanliness room, so as to avoid pollution after entering clean room.

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