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Stable developments need long term plan.

Stable developments need long term plan.


As we know the raw material price such as steel, are rising about 3 times than before in this year. All is unnormal, most of the factories choose to stop the production, and wait for the situation better again. But sometimes, clients can not wait, we must keep the market well and do some effort, since two years ago, our company started to prepare basic stock for the standard products, such as cleanroom panels, windows, and doors. Work as one cleanroom construction company, those raw materials are very important for the market price, we have stock and we guarantee clients our price is the same as last year. This is one kind of reliability and confidence for clients.


You bought and it wins, this world is very correct in this period. Most of the suppliers already give up orders or give a very high price for its clean room materials or machines, but we think we keep the same price and we win our clients, so we will use our standard warehouse to prepare more and more panels as stock for clients urgent used.

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