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Double Door Interlock Stainless Steel Oven

Double Door Interlock Stainless Steel Oven


The double door interlock oven is strength R&D product by Suzhou Pharma.

Mainly used for baking, drying, heat treatment and thermal processing of goods, agricultural production,

It can be used in scientific research, medical and health units, and experimental practice.

It is suitable for drying, baking, sterilizing and disinfecting scientific research units, laboratories, medical institutions, etc., and can also be used for general tests

Drying and disinfection of laboratory accessories after cleaning.

With 7-inch touch screen control system, double-sided operation, only one side can be operated at the same time.The heating temperature between 0-250 degrees can be set. Outside material made of  stainless steel 304 , and 316 stainless steel inside.Thermal insulation material adopt aluminum silicate thermal insulation cotton.Internal size W700*D700*H700mm, external size 1200*880*940mm. Laminate slot 50mm apart, equipped with 2 partitions with holes. The plug can be customize as customer local request.


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