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What kind of clean room can be built with 9 square meters?

What kind of clean room can be built with 9 square meters?


The clean booth is a kind of air purification equipment that can provide a local high clean environment.


For the normal operation of the purifying air conditioning system and clean room, the air entering the clean room must be clean. People and objects entering the clean room should undergo necessary purification , to minimize the amount of dust brought into the clean room by people and objects.


Generally in a office building to install a clean room, 3 meter height is common size.

To build an easy assemble clean room tent need intelligent design.


Clean room tent require 9 square meters, to process laboratory work. The wall and ceiling design with anti static acrylic board, from outside view people can observe it conveniently.


The ceiling equip with 2 sets fan filter unit to reach class C grade(class 10000).To extend the hepa fiters long life we add a pre-filter system to protect it.

If you require high standard environment the gound should install anti static PVC clean room floor. The full system meet with GMP standard.


At the wall side equip electric control box connect the led light and ffu units.



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