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Falling film evaporator

Falling film evaporator


Jimmy is a investor working for pharmaceutical company,he found us in our company’s website.

He is very interested about our falling film evaporator.This is a machine working by feeding raw liquid enters the top of the evaporator and is evenly distributed to each tube or heating plate by a distributor. A film is formed along the inner wall of the tube (or the outer wall of the heating plate) and flows downward. In this process, due to the heating outside the tube, the liquid film inside the tube begins to boil and partially evaporate. The downward movement of the liquid film is due to gravity at first, and then the steam in the tube is generated continuously. The downward flow of steam drives the liquid film to accelerate its downward movement

The remaining liquid and steam can be separated in the centrifugal separator at the lower part of the tube and downstream. In order to ensure the function of the falling film evaporator, it is the most important that all the heating surfaces, especially the lower part of the heating tube, can be fully and evenly wetted by the liquid, otherwise local dry wall will appear, which will lead to serious coking or tube plugging.


Jimmy want us design a system work for his liquid that can not more than 40℃,but that require the machine with large evaporation area and enough height,so we design a system and sent him the 3D drawing for check.

Then jimmy agreed with our solution and we also started the production.

After 3 months delivery date,this system were built,and the working efficiency is very good.

Jimmy was so happy and soon the machine will got to him and his business could start.

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