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Centrifuge extraction machine

Centrifuge extraction machine


This is David,here is one of our business story that occur between me with a US customer named Robin,


In January,we received his inquiry about our extractor,at first he is interested about our Co2 supercritical machine,this machine can effectively prevent the oxidation and escape of heat sensitive substances. Therefore, the effective components of medicinal plants are maintained in the extracts, and the substances with high boiling point, low volatility and easy pyrolysis can be extracted at a temperature far below their boiling point; It is a clean extraction method, because there is no organic solvent in the whole process, so there is no residual solvent substance in the extract, so as to prevent the existence of harmful substances to human body and environmental pollution in the extraction process, and ensure 100% pure nature;

But finally,he is lack of enough cost so give up,then I recommend him our Centrifuge ethanol extraction machine,Centrifugal extractor is a kind of fast and efficient extraction equipment. It can make the mixing and separation of the material flow have higher performance than the general equipment, and make the two-phase material flow fully mixed, so that the reaction or mass transfer between the two-phase material flow is very easy.


Soon,in February he placed this order and we also speed up production speed to finish his machine.

But we going finished the machine,Robin tell us he worry about the sealing problem,because he want use vacuum in the machine,so he can save much more time on delivery the liquid out,it is

A good idea,but it is a Challenge for us,because the centrifuge is not a sealed equipment,the rotating rod are always moving when the machine is working,


So we have a idea to use more layers of PTFE sealing rings in the connecting part to make sure the sealing problem.

In the end,Robin received the machine and it work well,we also become good friends and develop well,he also very good at provide various of challenge but everytime we solve it together.

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