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General Classification Of Die For Tablet Press

General Classification Of Die For Tablet Press


The die of tablet press is the most commonly used tablet equipment, and an indispensable accessory of tablet press. It is also a very important work to choose the right die after the purchase of tablet press. In daily life, many tablet pharmaceutical factories cannot use the tablet press because of improper die selection. Use the latest CAD / CAM technology, select advanced alloy steel, excellent heat treatment technology and scientific detection means to produce all kinds of tablet press die.

There are many kinds of dies, but we can distinguish them according to different equipment, materials, standards and shapes

1. According to the different equipment used, there are single punch die, rotary press die, basket press die and press die;

2. According to different materials, there are alloy steel die, cemented carbide die, ceramic die, chrome plated die and titanium plated die; the most common alloy steel materials for die are GCr15, Crl2MoV, crwumn, 9mn2v and 9CrSi

3. According to different standards, there are ZP standard (gb12253.90) die, IPT international standard die, EU standard die and various non-standard die for special tablet press and battery ring

Because of the different standards and machine styles, single punch die can be divided into single punch die and rotary die. According to the specification, diameter and tablet shape, the dies of single punch and rotary tablet press can be divided into circular die and special-shaped die.

Circular die: shallow arc circular die, deep arc circular die, oblique flat circular die, pure flat circular die, special-shaped die: except for the circular geometry, such as ellipse, key (capsule), triangle, etc., what kind of die can be customized according to the requirements of the demander

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