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Spring outing at the end of the first quarter(Part 2)

Spring outing at the end of the first quarter(Part 2)


After the previous day's visit, we stayed at the Seaview Hotel in the evening and had a good night's rest to start our next day's journey.


The fourth stop, we came to the pigeon Island - watching Canghai to watch the sunrise. Pigeon Island - watching Canghai is one of the four scenic spots in Beidaihe scenic area, and also one of the eight famous sunrise spots in China. With the sea breeze and the sound of waves, the morning sun rises slowly from the sea level. Waiting for a sunrise at sea is something that people will remember for life. The palpitation of the dawn was really unforgettable.


The fifth stop is pigeon Nest Park. On the 20 meter cliff near the sea formed by the stratum fracture, there is a huge rock. Because it used to be the habitat of wild pigeons, it left the name of pigeon nest. Every spring and autumn, tens of thousands of rare migratory birds forage and stay here, which is a national bird nature reserve.


The sixth stop is Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park. Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park is located on the seashore on the north side of Beidaihe District. It is the larger wildlife park in Qinhuangdao City. The zoo adopts the method of large-scale free-range breeding, separates the animals in separate areas, creates an atmosphere of returning to the basics, returning to nature, and forming the tourism characteristics of the integration of man and nature


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