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Precautions For Use Of Rotary Tablet Press(2)

Precautions For Use Of Rotary Tablet Press(2)



6. During use, pay attention to whether the noise of the machine is normal at any time. In case of squeals and strange noises, stop the machine to check and eliminate them, and do not use them reluctantly. 

7. The protective cover, safety cover and other devices on the machine and equipment shall not be removed, but shall be properly installed during use.

8. The die shall be subject to strict flaw detection test and appearance inspection. It shall be free of cracks, deformation, and missing edges. The hardness shall be appropriate and the size shall be accurate. The unqualified die shall not be used to avoid serious damage to the machine.

9. The feeding device is flat with the rotary table surface, and its height is accurate. If it is high, powder leakage will occur, and if it is low, copper chips will be worn off, affecting the quality of tablets.

10. Do not use raw materials with more fine powder, because it will cause more powder flying in the upper part and more material leakage in the lower part, which will affect the wear and loss of the machine parts and raw materials.

11. Do not use raw materials that are not dry, because they will make the powder stick to the punch surface

12. In case of jumping or stagnation during operation, do not take it by hand to avoid hand injury.

13. Start the motor first, and then start the clutch after normal operation.

14. In case of abnormal vibration or abnormal noise of the machine during use, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

15. The medium voltage shall not be too large. Generally, it is measured by the load of the motor. The heavy load current of 380 V motor during tablet pressing shall not exceed 4 amperes.




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