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Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom in Jordan

Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom in Jordan


Industry: Pharmacy Industry

Location: Jordan


Project SQM:500 Square meters

Year of Execution: 2019-2020

Customer scale:Medicine supplier and Laboratory

About Project:

Pharmacy Industry Cleanroom reach GMP standard and warm color design walls looks very modern and brightly. The wall panels has more different colors for customize choose.

The warm color ceiling for use in the pharmaceutical sector, in design suitable for walking on, with under pressure and over pressure values of max. -200 Pa to +200 Pa. The ceiling is made of multi-edged sheet steel carrier elements, suspended with infinite adjustment from the building structure by threaded rods spaced at intervals of 2400 mm. The use of standardized parts makes it the most economical of ceilings that are capable of being walked on.

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Wall & Ceiling Connection System

There is usually a butt joint between the wall & ceiling and the floor.

In the Progress,the gaps are sealed with a silicone joint as standard. this normal connection to the structure does not restrict the flexibility of the system.

All intersections are provided with permanently elastic joints that prevent ingress of dire and moisture.

●floors and walls

●walls and ceilings

●walls and walls

●walls and doors

●walls and windows

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Working Team:

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