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FAQ Precautions For Use Of V-Type Mixer

FAQ Precautions For Use Of V-Type Mixer



It is applicable to the mixing of powder particles with good material fluidity and small physical property difference, as well as the mixing of materials with low mixing degree and short mixing time. Because the materials in the V-shaped mixing container flow smoothly and will not damage the original shape of materials, the V-shaped mixer is also applicable to the mixing of easily broken and easily worn granular materials, or the mixing of fine powder particles, lumps, and materials containing a certain amount of water, and is widely used in pharmaceutical Chemical, food and other industries.

matters needing attention

1. Before use, an idling test run shall be carried out. Before the test run, the firmness of all connectors of the horizontal V-type mixer, the amount of lubricating oil in the reducer and the integrity of electrical equipment shall be checked. Then, the main switch shall be closed, the power supply shall be connected, and the idling test run shall be carried out.

2. Installation: place the machine stably, install the machine feet and level them so that the machine can operate freely.

3. Before use, add oil to the place where oil must be added, and then conduct no-load operation. Check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the electrical system is normal, and whether the machinery operates normally. If there is any abnormality, carry out repair and commissioning.

4. Turn the feeding port to the top, open the feeding cover for feeding, and the feeding amount shall not exceed the specified volume, then close the feeding cover, start the machine for operation, and stop the machine for inspection in case of any abnormality on the way.

5. It is strictly forbidden to produce granulating drugs in multiple batches and mix them together. It is prohibited to produce drugs and food of different varieties in the same line. It must meet GMP specifications.

6. The inside and outside of the hopper must be washed and disinfected when changing varieties.




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