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FAQ Precautions For Unloading And Handling Of FFU And High-Efficiency Filters

FAQ Precautions For Unloading And Handling Of FFU And High-Efficiency Filters


Precautions For Unloading And Handling Of FFU And High-Efficiency Filters


1. FFU and high-efficiency filters have been packaged with multiple protections when they leave the factory. Please use a forklift to unload the entire pallet when unloading. When unloading the goods, the goods should be prevented from dumping, and severe vibration and collision should be avoided.


2. After the equipment is unloaded, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated room for temporary storage. If it can only be stored outdoors, it should be covered with a tarpaulin to avoid rain and water.


3. Since the high-efficiency filter uses ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, the filter material is easily broken and damaged, resulting in particle leakage. Therefore, the filter must not be dumped or crushed during unpacking and handling to prevent severe vibration and collision.


4. When taking out the high-efficiency filter, it is forbidden to use a knife or sharp object to cut the packaging bag, so as not to scratch the filter paper.


5. Each high-efficiency filter should be carried by two people. The operator must wear gloves. The process must be handled with care. Hold the frame of the filter with both hands. It is forbidden to hold the filter protection net with your hands, and it is forbidden to touch the filter paper with sharp objects. Do not distort the filter.


6. Filters should not be placed in layers, but should be placed horizontally and orderly, placed neatly against the wall in the installation and waiting for installation.



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