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FAQ Precautions For Use Of Rotary Tablet Press(3)

FAQ Precautions For Use Of Rotary Tablet Press(3)



16. The tablet weight difference increases. In the process of adding tablets, the weight difference cannot exceed the limit specified in the pharmacopoeia, which is qualified. However, in the process of pressing tablets, it is often found that the tablet weight difference increases. The reasons and treatment are as follows:

(1) The punch is not uniform in length, which is easy to increase the difference in sheet weight. Before use, use a caliper to check each punch and reuse it after it is qualified. If there is an individual decrease, the downward movement may fail, resulting in less filling of particles than others. Check the individual downward movement and remove the obstacles.

(2) . If the height of the hopper is not correct, the particles in one hopper will fall faster, while there are more particles stacked on the feeder, and the particles in the other hopper will fall slower, while there are fewer particles stacked on the feeder, which will cause the particles to be unbalanced when they are added into the mold hole. The position of the hopper can be adjusted to keep a certain amount of particles in the two hoppers equal to the falling speed, The particles stacked on the two feeders are similar, and the particles can be evenly added into the mold hole.

(3) . The change of weight difference caused by particles, excessive humidity of particles, excessive fine powder, large difference of particle thickness, and insufficient lubricant in particles can also cause the change of weight difference. The particle quality should be improved.

(4) The reason for the change of tablet weight is that the overall situation is caused by the failure of the tablet press or negligence in work. Therefore, in the process of tablet pressing, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the machine parts, carefully check whether the machine parts are damaged, and weigh the tablet weight every certain time (10-20 minutes) to see whether the tablet weight is in accordance with the regulations




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