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FAQ Points For Attention In The Installation And Debugging Of Air-Conditioning Unit Equipment

FAQ Points For Attention In The Installation And Debugging Of Air-Conditioning Unit Equipment


During the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of air-conditioning unit equipment, please observe the following safety requirements:

1) When entering the unit to run, remember not to leave tools and other items in the fan.

2) Do not open the access door until the fan has completely stopped.

3) Make sure the motor is well grounded before starting the machine.

4) When the fan is working, do not enter the fan room or the unit to work.

5) When overhauling the fan, the power supply of the fan motor should be cut off first.

6) The water pressure should not exceed the maximum working pressure given in the unit catalog.

7) For units used in areas where the outdoor temperature may be lower than 0°C in winter, the surface cooler should be completely drained before winter comes to prevent the coil or water system from freezing and cracking. During winter shutdowns, the water in the heater should also be completely drained.

8) For units equipped with steam humidifiers, the manual valve on the steam supply pipeline must be closed before entering the humidification section.

9) For units equipped with electric heaters, the power supply of the electric heater should be connected in series with the main power supply of the fan to form an interlock with the fan or install a no-wind power-off device in the air supply. Pipes close to electric heaters to prevent fires caused by insufficient wind heating.

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