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FAQ-Negative Pressure Weighing Room(4)

FAQ-Negative Pressure Weighing Room(4)


Question 16: what should I do if the weighing room vibrates too much and fails to pass the verification?

▍ answer: the reason for the excessive vibration may be that the equipment screws are not fastened, the fans are not fixed properly, or domestic fans are used. Generally speaking, domestic fans are generally used by some bad manufacturers due to their low price. The direct consequence is that the air volume of the equipment is too small, the workmanship is rough, the vibration is large, and the service life of the motor is generally only one year. It is recommended that the customer use imported fans to avoid risks such as failure of verification or subsequent maintenance.


Question 17: is it necessary to install local exhaust in the weighing room of the drug production workshop?

▍ answer: the weighing room needs to be equipped with a local exhaust module. During the operation of the weighing room, 85% - 90% of the air will be filtered by the high-efficiency filter and blown vertically downward, and 10% - 15% of the air will be discharged through the local exhaust module. In this way, relative negative pressure will be formed inside and outside the weighing chamber, so as to avoid external pollution caused by dust generated during weighing


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