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FAQ-Pharmaceutical tablet press machine.

FAQ-Pharmaceutical tablet press machine.


Pharmaceutical tablet press machine.


1. What is a tablet press machine?

Tablet presses machine are mainly used for pharmaceutical, medical industry. Including small homemade and large scale production machine.

In USA, Europe counties the most popular model are TDP series and ZP series.

Distinguish by degree of automation, the tablet press can divided into two types: manual machine, automatic machine.

ZP series is an automatic continuous production equipment for pressing granules into round, special-shaped and flake objects with characters, symbols and graphics.

For GMP factory the machine must require GMP standard, manual machine couldnt use. It require a dust free room( clean room) so that machine can work in it.


2.How to reach GMP standard tablet press machine?

To provide tablet press machine for GMP factory, Suzhou Pharma provide ISO8 or higher clean grade dust free clean room. The ceiling equip fan filter unit which can filtering the air into the room. Another cost effective method is install a laminar flow cover on the machine. Hard transparent acrylic wall or plexiglass material.


3.How does a tablet press machine work?

1. The punch part of the lower punch (its working position is upward)from middle die hole lower end into the middle die hole. Seal the bottom of the middle die hole;

2. Use the feeder to fill the middle die hole with medicine;

3. The punch part of the upper punch (its working position is downward).Drop into the middle die hole from the upper end of the middle die hole, and go down a certain journey. Compress the medicinal powder into tablets;

4. The upper punch is lifted out of the hole.

The lower punch rises to push the tablet out of the middle die hole.Complete a tablet pressing process;

5. The lower punch is lowered to its original position, ready for the next filling


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