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FAQ- Air Shower

FAQ- Air Shower


Which place does air shower install?

The air shower plays an important role in clean room workshop. Most of Suzhou Pharma cleanroom project equip the air shower equipment no matter what industry.

For a changing room, after people change the cleanroom clothes and shoes, they will pass the air shower first, blowing 15 seconds in air shower or more time then could enter into the cleanroom.

For ISO8/ISO7 clean room, it also can install between clean area and unclean area. Its flexible but must as per GMP standard.


How do air showers work?

The working principle of the air shower is the internal circulation of the air flow.

During the entire air circulation process, the unclean air is sent to the HEPA filter through the fan, and the HEPA filters filtering the dust in the air, then blows out the air.

The clean air is blown out through the air shower nozzle, and the wind blown by the nozzle will blow off the dust on the surface of people/objects, and then bring the blown dust to the primary filter, thus forming an airflow cycle.


Whats the function of the air shower in clean room?

There are many names for the air shower , some places are called Blowing shower room, clean room air shower room, blowing shower room, etc.

The air shower room can reduce the air pollution caused by the staff and production materials entering and leaving the clean room.

The door of the air shower room is electronically interlocked, which can double as an air lock room, preventing the outside air from entering the clean room, and reducing the pollution of the outside air to the clean room during the process of entering and leaving the clean room.


When the personnel enter the air shower, the high-speed clean air is filtered by the medium and high-efficiency filters and then sprayed from all directions by the rotatable nozzles to the surface of the personnel and materials. Effective and rapid removal of dust particles carried by the surface, the air with dust particles is filtered by the medium and high-efficiency filters and recirculated to the air shower filter area.

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