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FAQ-Cleanroom Light

FAQ-Cleanroom Light


What is the difference between clean room lights and general lights?

The shape of the cleanroom lighting cannot accumulate dust. The design must be in accordance with the requirements of fluid mechanics, and the shape of the light must be designed into a streamlined structure without any protrusions, depressions, gaps and step differences on the surface. This is also the intuitive difference between clean room lights and general lights.

The surface of the lamp should be smooth and uniform, and cannot absorb dust, which can be satisfied by anti-static treatment. For spaces that require biological cleanliness, the surface of the lamp must be able to prevent bacteria, and microorganisms cannot breed after falling on the surface of the lamp. For this reason, the surface of the lamp should be made of water-repellent material, which cannot form a solution environment for microorganisms to survive.



How many installations method of clean room light?

The installation of clean room lighting is divided into embedded and surface-mounted, and surface-mounted is divided into suspended and ceiling-mounted.

Clean room lighting design should avoid embedded structure, preferably thin panel structure, direct ceiling-mounted installation. Considering the impact on airflow, it is recommended that the thickness of the lamp be controlled within 15mm, or a circular arc frame structure should be used.


What’s the lighting size used in cleanroom?

For led panel light, the size has 3 kinds: 1200*300mm, 600*300mm, 600*600mm. Other type such as explosion-proof light, stainless steel bevel light depends on the tube quantities among single, double, triple tubes.

The pharmaceutical industry lighting must meet the general requirements of general lighting, and it also has its own characteristics. The lighting designer must also cooperate with professional designers such as architecture, HVAC, and electrical to carry out lighting under the condition of meeting the clean room conditions and space requirements. Designed to provide a lighting environment that meets the requirements of pharmaceutical production.


What is the application of explosion-proof light

There are various chemical gases in the pharmaceutical production process, which puts forward explosion-proof requirements for the production space. At present, led explosion-proof light can meet the cleanliness requirements and explosion-proof standards at the same time.


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